Great Taste Market

Great Taste Market

Great Taste is a major part of the Guild of Fine Food’s drive to encourage, promote and discover delicious fine food & drink. Now the world’s most trusted and respected award-scheme, Great Taste products are recognizable by the little black and gold logos found on jars, packets, bottles and boxes on retail shelves across the globe.

In 2019 over 500 judges working in small teams judged 12,772 food and drink products over 65 judging days, from March through to early July.  The products have been blind-tasted and debated in a search for edible gems that deserve to be championed and wear the coveted logo. The judges give up their time for free and include chefs, food critics, food writers, restaurateurs, fine food buyers, independent retailers and more.

Ireland is well known worldwide for its vibrant artisan food and drink scene, and IFEX once again have partnered with The Guild of Fine Food to bring you a unique opportunity to see and to taste Ireland’s award-winners all in one place at the Great Taste Market.

The Great Taste Market at IFEX 2022 includes a collection of fine food & drink stalls, ranging from bakery products, tea, coffee and gins and so much more. Visit the Great Taste Market and remember to look out for foods wearing the black and gold logo - the sign you and your customers can trust when buying food and drink! 

IFEX is a fabulous showcase for small producers and the Guild of Fine Food are keen to support the show once again with a Great Taste Market. Northern Ireland’s makers have an impressive track record in Great Taste, testament to the innovative, well-made and quality food and drink produced by people who care about their products.
- John Farrand, Guild of Fine Food & Great Taste Awards