Please BE AWARE of bogus organisations currently targeting our industry, which include Hotel Scams, Data List Sales, and Showguide Scams.


Companies will use a misleading form, which resembles an organiser’s Free Catalogue Listing Service, inviting exhibitors to sign and return the form for an entry in an online directory. These companies have no connection with 365 Events or any of our events, but they deliberately target companies who known to exhibit across Europe. If you receive a form or any communication from any of the below companies, do not respond.

It is important that the entire industry is made aware of activities relating to third-party companies contacting exhibitors for entries into bogus show guides. We are strongly advising all exhibitors to be vigilant against such organisations, who do not represent 365 Events or IFEX in any way. 365 Events actively warns all of our exhibitors about such guides and cautions them to carefully read the small print before signing any document.


Please be cautious of companies claiming to sell the event attendee list. These companies have no association with 365 Events and are not authorized to use the IFEX name or trademark. Under no circumstances do we sell or rent attendee information to any third party so we would strongly advise not working with any company that claims they have this data.