As the hospitality and foodservice sector continues to evolve post-pandemic, 2024 is set to see some intriguing evolutions in the food and drinks sector. Next year’s trends will focus on more simplistic dishes packed with flavour, local foods and seasonal produce, alongside exciting and playful drinks that will stimulate the senses.

In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the main trends that will influence the way we eat and drink throughout 2024.

Rustic and Rural

More and more consumers are becoming mindful of the provenance and traceability of their food and the Rustic and Rural trend is all about simplicity with flavour at the forefront alongside supporting locally produced ingredients.

This trend aims to celebrate food in all its forms – think homely, hearty meals that are comforting and familiar – and we expect to see a greater emphasis on the farm to fork journey on most menus.

The Rustic and Rural trend is all about appreciating the stripped back dining experience, where an authentic and rustic charm will be present through food, drink and even the décor of some establishments.

Mind, Mood and Body

Regardless of age, consumers are becoming increasingly interested in making healthy food and drink choices when dining outside the home. Not only is sourcing food that is rich in nutrients and lower in calories set to become more popular in 2024, consumers are also considering how foods can impact their energy levels, mental health and overall mood.

Hospitality and foodservice establishments are being encouraged to explore how they can make the most of this upcoming trend. Some examples could be to focus on the general principles of a healthy, balanced diet, include more plant-based options and note the vitamins and minerals that are included in each dish on the menu.  

Let’s Play

With the cost-of-living crisis, consumers are searching for opportunities to ‘treat themselves,’ whenever they go out. As part of the Let’s Play trend, we’re expecting to see more flavour contrasts like sweet and savoury and spicy and sour on the menu alongside more playful drinks.

If you’re planning to adopt this trend, make sure you experiment with new flavours to give your dish or drink the ‘wow factor’ that your customers won’t forget.

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